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10. Sharp ZR331ZS

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This mid-sized Sharp Countertop Microwave is a really great option for everyday cooking tasks. It has a medium footprint that allows for extremely flexible placement options. Not to mention that the 1000 watts offer you the full capacity to warm up and cook your food incredibly fast.

The Sharp Countertop Microwave gives your kitchen a sleek, modern look with a refined stainless steel finish and a glass door that resists scratches.

This handy microwave may look light and thin, but it offers the ability to prepare all food and drink with ease and reliability. The 11.25-inch turntable offers evenly heated, reheated or thawed food every time. With 10 different levels of performance you can be sure that all your food and drinks are cooked to your liking.

Features and Specifications

Product Dimensions: 12 x 20.3 x 14.9 inches
Weighs: 29.3 pounds
1000 Watts
One Touch Cooking Features


All in all for the price of the microwave itself, this is purely a matter of opinion. While many may think that the price is a bit expensive, to others it may appear just right. There are certainly microwaves out there for a similar price that offer way more options,so that is definitely something you will want to keep in mind when making an ultimate decision.

Decision Time

If you are seeking a super simple, trusty microwave that does its job with ease and free of issues, then this one is a good option to consider. This truly is a good one to set your sights on. It is a good looking, handy and user-friendly microwave that is also incredibly lightweight. This handy microwave packs the power to cook all of your favorite foods and beverages with complete ease and reliability. With the aid of the carousel turntable you can be sure that your food is consistently heated, reheated each and every time. And finally, with the 10 different power levels you can be sure that all of your foods and beverages will be cooked to accommodate your taste as well. Plain and simple, it really is a good value for your dollar.


  • Handy One-Touch Settings for Various Popular Foods and Beverages
  • Boasts 10 Power Levels
  • Super Lightweight


  • Short Cord
  • Beeps Do Not Stop Until They Finish, You Cannot Manually Stop When Food is Complete
  • Microwave Light Does Not Turn On When Door is Opened
  • Stainless Steel Finish Allows for Frequent Smudging

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