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9. SKG

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The SKG is another great option on our list. The wide slide immediately attracts our attention and is a big plus compared to the juicers of other big brands in the segment of chewing juices. This reduces the preparation time considerably, because you do not have to cut the fruits and vegetables into fine pieces. There are also numerous protection mechanisms for unstable power supply, overload and even an inversion function to solve the clogging, which is very convenient.

The SKG does not have too many disadvantages. It is quite large, which makes it unsuitable for certain kitchen cabinets and countertops. Some users have reported issues with leaks in addition to pulp output. The 60 RPM engine is faster than the Hurom & Tribest you’ll see, but it’s still slow enough to reduce the heat generated and prevent oxidation. The piano finish is also a classic touch.


30 RPM
240W motor
Size: 21.8” x 13.2” x 10”
Weight: 19 pounds
2 year warranty for parts + 10 for the motor


The SKG is a great high end juicer which is priced below the Kuvings and above the Omega. The features and performance add great value for the consumer who decides to buy the SKG. The design is well thought out and the ease of use can really save you time. A superb choice for the serious juice lover.


  • The 3” wide chute is ideal
  • Prep time is far less when compared to others
  • Efficiency is outstanding
  • Build Quality is excellent


  • Some users reported leaking issues

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