Extracts a lot of juice Breville BJE510XL

4. Breville BJE510XL

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The Breville BJE510XL is our choice for one of the best juicers on our list of centrifugal types. It has a number of amazing features, including outstanding build quality that guarantees this. First, like most on the list, it has a wide filler tube that reduces your preparation time. Thanks to its 5-speed motor, which is optimized for cutting hard vegetables, apples, pineapple, citrus fruits and soft foods, it can handle almost anything. The speed ranges from 6500 to 12500. The pulp after extraction is quite dry for a household appliance that is good

Although there is a great deal to clean, many of them are actually clean in the machine, which makes it easy. However, this mid-range model is not particularly suited to greens, but sometimes repeated use can do the job. Some users have reported that the machine can be overloaded fairly easily, resulting in errors. The display is clear with presets for different types. The juice is collected and the spout is sufficiently high so that you can make juice in different amounts.


Size: 13 x 11.5 x 12.5 inches
900 watt motor
12500 rpm max


Pricing-wise its very similar to that of many mid-range juicers including the other Breville on the list. This is why thanks to its versatile features & extraction quality, we think this juicer offers a lot of value to any person.


  • 5 speeds for different input types
  • Fair few dish washable parts
  • Extracts a lot of juice


  • Not the best for greens

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